Visit Us for affordable fast motorcycle oil & tire changes. motorcycle parts. clothing apparel. insurance. media services. sales of graffiti art.

We offer fast and affordable motorcycle oil/tire changes, insurance, media services, as well as retail sales of art, parts, and clothing apparel. Come check us out and get QuickShifted!

Who We Are

QuickShift is a new franchise that has a broad range of products. We offer fast and convenient oil and tire changes for motorcycles. While you wait, feel free to browse through our retail store where we sell motorcycle parts, clothing, sun glasses, and urban art. You can even get an insurance quote on your motorcycle, house, boat, or car from one of our friendly on-site QuickShift insurance agents. QuickShift also has its own Media group so do not be surprised if there is a model or two walking around. If that is not enough for you, then by all means just relax on one of our couches and enjoy looking for hidden messages in one of the nine 20ft by 20ft Graffiti Murals we have on our walls. We truly are a "One Stop Shop".

The history of QuickShift actually began back in the 80's, when a couple young motorcycle riders from Long Beach wondered why there was not a "Jiffy Lube" type of business for motorcycles. It really didn't go to much further then just an idea at the time. After working tedious jobs for the last twenty years these young riders now older and not having a lot of time, resorted to hiring shops to work on their bikes. At astronomical costs and with the inconvenience of appointments, enough was enough and it was time to make QuickShift a reality. In November of 2013 that is what happened when a lease was signed for QuickShift's first location in Westminister.We have evolved quite a bit bringing in new partners and sharing ventures. We are focused on not only fast and affordable motorcycle lube services but, also expanded to offer incredible insurance rates, media services, as well as retail sales.

So keep your eyes open for us and your rubber down!